Friday, August 17, 2007

Easily diverted and amused ...

So I thought that I'd better try a toe-up sock before starting the Campanulas and cast on some Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy last Friday. I finished the sock today. I used Knitpicks steel needles 2.25 mm, a figure 8 cast-on and Wendy's toe-up sock with gusset. This sock went really quickly and it was such fun watching the stripes appear.

My daughter saw it early on and said: "Is that my sock?" Other than getting the foot a bit too long for her and having to frog it past the heel turn, it went fairly smoothly. Except this morning on the bus, the needles kept slipping out of the ribbing and into my lap! Aaarrgh! But just love the colours! Now for sock 2.

And if they don't fit my daughter, I'll have another pair of socks!

Friday, August 10, 2007

A pair at last!

My Fleece Artist socks are finished! Grafted the toe of the second sock this morning on the bus. There are still a few ends to hide, but they're done! Not an identical pair since the two heels are slightly different and the second is slightly longer than the other. But close enough.

And here they are on the feet!

Last Friday I was going gung ho on the alpaca sock and made a mistake that needs to be frogged, so I put it down and started back on these. Now to fix the alpaca sock and carry on. Whoohoo!

Friday, August 3, 2007

There was a reason ...

why I bought this Regia Silk yarn, besides the fact it was on sale! It will be perfect for the Campanula socks that I decided I couldn't wait to knit. And promptly joined the KAL
A lovely light rose, that should look very nice in lace. Which means another start! Hopefully this weekend. And this is not going to be a bus project! Luckily the alpaca socks are knitting up super quick.

And here's another pink that I couldn't resist:

May have to try this cotton/nylon blend as well for the Campanula socks. It's quite shiny. Hard to tell from the picture. Very shiny, in fact. So all my friends can start wondering what has come over me to choose these pinks, so far from my usual colour palette. Maybe the woolly fibers are finally affecting my brain.

So, I'm looking forward to a long weekend and some serious knitting!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Only a matter of time ...

until I strayed from the staight and narrow (knitting one pair of socks) to starting another. Last weekend I realized it's only six weeks until my good friend and neighbour will leave to join her husband in North Africa and since I'm really slow at finishing a complete pair, I'll probably need all that time to finish a present for her. So I decided to start her socks, using a lovely alpaca blend in greens and purples that I got at the HWSDA conference in June. This yarn is from Alpaca Plus here in Alberta and is so nice to work with. The pattern I chose is Daisies by marie flyfly.

So here is the first sock just ready to start the heel flap:

This picture is a bit dark. It's really working up quickly and it's such an easy lace pattern that I've had no problem knitting on the bus.

And just to keep the Fleece Artist pair in mind, pictures of the finished sock and the one in progress (just ready to turn the heel)