Friday, August 17, 2007

Easily diverted and amused ...

So I thought that I'd better try a toe-up sock before starting the Campanulas and cast on some Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy last Friday. I finished the sock today. I used Knitpicks steel needles 2.25 mm, a figure 8 cast-on and Wendy's toe-up sock with gusset. This sock went really quickly and it was such fun watching the stripes appear.

My daughter saw it early on and said: "Is that my sock?" Other than getting the foot a bit too long for her and having to frog it past the heel turn, it went fairly smoothly. Except this morning on the bus, the needles kept slipping out of the ribbing and into my lap! Aaarrgh! But just love the colours! Now for sock 2.

And if they don't fit my daughter, I'll have another pair of socks!

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