Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Black Hole!

Well, that's what it seems like. I disappeared for the fall. Once Socks of summer was over, there wasn't the same need to blog. And work got crazy busy, as it usually does. September = new school year = utter crazy madness. Every time I thought I'd update the blog, something else popped up. So, my New Year's resolution (well, one at least) is to blog more often.

But I kept knitting and managed to finish 7 1/2 pairs of socks since June 2007. Should have finished the second Frogwarts sock for my dd while I was off at Christmas, but, well, I didn't. Stroked my now considerable yarn stash, did a bit of shopping, relaxed a little and started three socks instead. Ummhum. Prepped three toes ready to just grab one and take off with it. A variety of colours and textures. Got a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy in Cocoa Kiss from Pick Up Sticks' Christmas yarn exchange and started Nagini, a Harry Potter design, nice cably snakeskin. Perfect!

Finally started the Branched Fern socks after fussing for months about what to use. The winner is the yarn I'd originally picked: DG Confetti in hunter green. The third is a generic toe-up sock with some alpaca-silk yarn from the Natural Dye Studio in England. Soft, soft, soft and a bit furry. That will be my entry in the Socks from Stash Club for January and will be the bus sock, too.

I figure if I keep busy enough the long dark month of January will whizz by.

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