Friday, September 7, 2007

Yarn Goldilocks

... looking for the one that is juuust right! That was my daughter's comment when I was fussing about what yarn to use for the Campanulas. Having discarded the pink Regia Silk after swatching, and starting one with some lovely Apple Laine in Cotton Candy and then rejecting that because it was a bit too thick, (bamboo needles have a lot of give!!) I was whinging on about my requirements. Humph! Kids give you no sympathy! Anyway, I took another look at the Regia silk and decided to go ahead with it and now have one sock completed to above the heel. Because I was on holidays, I spent some time learning Judy's Magic cast on and trying to figure out the short row heels. The cast on is truly magic and one I'll use but I'm not too sure about the short row heels. I'll have to practice more because these turned out kinda messy and lumpy. But lovely yarn to work with! I have some more in burgundy.

And I finished the Cotton Fantasy socks for my daughter. Too cool! Made them as close as possible. I want a pair too, now. Love the toe up method.

And corrected the mistake in the alpaca lace socks and started to shape the toe. Deadline is fast approaching and I have another week to finish the pair.

I told my friend I was knitting her socks and asked for her shoe size so I could get these to fit. She said an 8 or a 9. Dear friend, but what woman doesn't know her exact shoe size??? A little humour to disguise the fact that I will miss her a great deal.

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